A successful brand, everybody would love to have one. Brand identity is huge when it comes to designing. From creating the logo to signage, from the slogan to the ads, it's all key steps in creating a successful brand! 
Brand identity project for a scooter rental company, so I created Takeoff Scooter Rental Co. The name was inspired by a rapper from the group, The Migos who passed away during the time of this project. It was a fitting name and shaped the entire feel of my project. I showcase the logo design, a hi-fi prototype app, my presentation, and online advertisements (ola's).
.     .     .
Brand identity project for a fast-food restaurant, so I created The Wild EggRolls. The logo was inspired by, of course, the 90s cartoon show, The Wild Thornberry's. Here I showcase the logo design, kiosk screens, my presentation, a hi-fi prototype, and a food truck design.
.     .     .
Here I created a wine company called, Good Legs! With wine being a competitive industry, I wanted my design to be appealing so it was recommended that I use the Dadaism design style for this one. I showcase the labels. neck tags, the brochure, mockups, and photography.
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